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Design, Fabricate, Erect Structural Steel and Architectural Metals

Advancements in computer aided design have enabled us to offer the cost advantages of pre-engineered metal buildings without sacrificing aesthetics.
  • Conventional Structural Steel
    Conventional Structural Steel

    We can provide design and fabrication of conventional structural steel framing systems for commercial or industrial clients.

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    Exterior Finishes

    We can provide numerous exterior finishes that can be used over metal wall panels, cold rolled steel framing, or masonry wall systems.  

  • Floor Systems
    Floor Systems

    Labor: Floor systems are erected using fewer people. Speed: Floor systems are erected in a fraction of the time required by conventional construction. Easy Installation: Floor systems are easier to install allowing for less skilled labor. Scheduling: Once the materials are on site, there are fewer delays waiting for sub-contractors as fewer trades are required. Project Efficiency: Your […]

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    Parts & Components

    Caribbean Structural Systems is dedicated to construction projects big and small. Allow us to provide you a quotation for replacement parts or miscellaneous materials. Common components shipped to the Caribbean include:

  • CARIBBEAN STRUCTURAL SYSTEMS specializes in the design, fabrication, field erection and repair of pre-engineered metal building systems, structural steel wall and roof systems, steel framed composite floor systems, and innovative cold formed steel structures in the Caribbean Basin and Latin America. CSS understands that the value we bring to our clients and customers is the ability to design and supply innovative, time and money saving construction systems. If you are trying to meet a budget or time schedule, there are many innovative construction systems that can help you to lower your costs by reducing the labor or materials that more conventional construction requires.
    Roof Systems

    We provide a variety of pre-engineered metal roof systems. These systems are strong, safe, and efficiently designed with Caribbean building codes in mind. Our specialized roof systems may enable you to design buildings with longer spans while reducing the number of columns required for support. Our designs provide a variety of roof systems that work […]

  • Pre-Engineered Metal Building
    Pre-Engineered Metal Building

    A Pre-Engineered Metal Building serves as a reliable, cost-effective, and efficient structure. As the construction industry has evolved, advancements in computer aided design have enabled us to offer the cost advantages of pre-engineered metal buildings without sacrificing aesthetics. Major benefits of a Pre-Engineered Metal Building include: Speed of Construction Pre-engineering alleviates many in-the-field headaches Pieces […]