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Metal building technology has rapidly advanced over the last ten years.

Computer-aided design software now enables us to design to the specific wind and seismic parameters of the local building code while matching architectural dimensions to the nearest 1/16".

Our most successful metal building projects are Design-Builds. Working with building end users and design consultants allows us to optimize the metal building while retaining all architectural specifications. 

pre-engineered metal building company
metal buiding construction

Strucutral steel and aluminum

Structural steel and aluminum deliver many advantages including speed of installation and size of members.

Caribbean Structural Systems has established itself as a regional leader for design-fabricate projects. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, CSS can efficiently provide steel and aluminum design, shop drawings, connection design, fabrication, and export to the Caribbean.

Have a steel or aluminum question? We're happy to lend our knowledge and provide feedback for ongoing metal building engineering projects.  

Steel roofing design plan
steel building construction Caribbean
Struc Stl & Alumn

Architectural aluminum

Architectural aluminum is difficult to find with reliabilty in large volumes. CSS works with a network of fabricators throughout South Florida. 

Caribbean Structural Systems is proud to offer the follow architectural aluminum products:

  • Railings

  • Louvers

  • Stair Pickets

  • Sunshades

  • Grills/Gates

  • Bollards

Didn't see your item in the list above? We have completed a variety of one-off projects and your's could be next! Contact us and we will be in touch to discuss your architectural aluminum needs.

architectural aluminum plan
Aluminum building construction
Arch Alumn


Metal stairs  can be fabricated to fit any building condition or code. From ornate to economical we can advise on the perfect stair solution for your project - including landings, support columns, picket rails, balcony, and hand rails.

Have exterior stairs in your project? We are happy to provide hot-dip galvanizing, a definite provision in South Florida and the Caribbean!

Playa Grande Metal Stair Drawing
metal staircase contruction
Metal Stairs


Not all Roof Systems are created equally. Let us advise on the best roof for your project. 

From bar joists and purlins to insulated metal panels and valley gutters, we are happy to discuss cost, leak prevention, aesthetics, corrosion resistance, and structural resilience and all other factors that go into a successful roof application.

metal roof system plan Caribbean
Open Web Steel Joist Roof construction
Roof System


Mezzanines when efficiently designed are are a very economic way to add square footage to a building.

Whether its an existing structure, a planned pre-engineered metal building, or a planned conventional structure, CSS can provide design and pricing for any span and any loading condition with projects completed in industrial warehouse storage buildings, elevated commercial real estate floor systems, and residential apartment buildings. 

Reduce your shoring requirements! Constructibility is front and center in our design, second only to safety and code compliance. By utilizing open-web steel joists and metal deck, our goal is a lightweight and easily constructible system.

Have you purchased a metal building with a mezzanine included? Allow us to give you a free estimate. Time and time again, we have been able to reduce a contractors cost by producing a more economic mezzanine design.

Mezzanine construction layout plan
Mezzanine Construction Caribbean
Floor System


Replacement parts and components are an integral part of building operations. Over the last two decades CSS has developed deep relationships with many vendors across the United States.

From eave struts and wall panels, to commercial kitchen equipment and forklifts, we can provide you a quote on any component you may need. 

Fill out the form below for an immediate parts and components estimate!

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Thanks! We will be in touch soon!

Parts Componens


With Licensed Structural Engineers on staff, Caribbean Structural Systems can be your one stop shop. Not only can we supply the metal building (signed and sealed by the manufacturer's engineer), we can also design the foundation, design the masonry exterior walls (if applicable), and design and supply any mezzanines all designed to your local building code.

In addition, CSS can provide miscellaneous engineering as required (light gauge, aluminum, etc), a full structural design package for structural steel design, or signed and sealed shop drawings. 

Allow us to provide you a structural framing opinion! If you are in the early development stage and have architectural drawings or schematics, feel free to submit them for a complimentary structural/economic project analysis

Have a project in the United States? Check out Robert Wechsler PE for more detail on our consulting engineering offerings in the United States.

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